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PDF markup software

With our advanced PDF markup software, you can create as many PDFs as you want with the project information you need, starting from a single simple CAD drawing.

PDF markup software is a very useful tool in business processes because it combines all the required order documentation in a single PDF document, without wasting any more paper and time.

Just mark the sheets up manually! Rely on advanced PDF markup.

The benefits of PDF markup software

Reduce the time and cost of generating order documentation, generating as many PDF pages as you want from a single SolidWorks drawin.

Inside, you can simply and innovatively enter all the specific information relating to a project or order (customer, quantity, serial number, order number etc.). The main benefits of PDF markup software include:

A single CAD engineering drawing

Eliminates manual stamping

Creates a booklet from multiple engineering drawings

Our PDF markup software


PDFStamper is the software we have developed to manage the entire order starting from a single Solidworks drawing.

It is fully integrated in SolidWorks and MechWorks PDM, to allow for slick, rapid management of the documents to be marked up and for the creation of technical files.

The main features of PDFStamper are:

Inserting text and graphics into PDF files

Inserting text at different points depending on the sheet format

Automatic generation of missing PDF files from SolidWorks engineering drawings

Calculation of quantities by production batches based on the PDM list

Creation of technical files

Importing lists of documents to be marked up from text files

Manageable via scripts from MechWorks PDM

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