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3D Archive Software

The management of the 3D archive, files and technical drawings is a very important aspect in almost all industrial sectors, but do you find keeping the company archive tidy is an impossible undertaking?

Put an end to the creation of duplicate parts and manage your 3D archive quickly and easily.

Rely on our custom software applications for better and faster management of pdm and 3D archive.

3D archive analysis software can automatically extract a document with relevant data such as invoice numbers, geometric comparison of archive parts, product codes and much more.

The analysis of the 3D archive has never been so simple!

The Benefits of 3D Archive Analysis Software

Our corporate 3D archive software aims to reduce errors, speed up time-to-market, improve individual productivity and business efficiency.

Skillpower’s solutions significantly increase the quality and speed of information circulation between company departments, with an immediate return on investment.

The main benefits of 3D archive software include:

Full archive scan

Searching for similar components

Duplicate deletion

Reclamation of the archive

Reduced costs and design time

Our 3D Archive Analysis Software


3DMatching is the easiest and fastest tool for geometric comparison of 3D archive parts.

The software developed by Skillpower integrates seamlessly with Solidworks, simplifying 3D geometric research and thus reducing design costs and time.

Thanks to 3DMatching, you avoid designing a detail from scratch because our software can identify an existing code in the archive with an identical or similar geometry.

The main features of 3D Matching are:

Searching for similar parts throughout the archive and extracting a list of duplicates

Real-time control when using SolidWorks

Filters for advanced searches

Option to integrate with the company ERP system

Management of multi-body parts

Management of parts with configurations

Quick registration of the 3D archive

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AiAnalysis is the powerful programmable scheduler for archive reclamation and massive upgrades.

It extracts and processes any type of data, performing a complete and detailed file archive analysis. With AiAnalysis, you can verify all files that are invalid, duplicated, outdated or do not match your archiving policy.

The main features of AiAnalysis are:

Extraction of all the files in the company archive grouped by type

Extracting specific CAD data from archive files

Verification of external references for parts, assemblies, drawings, with checks on the existence of referenced files and interrupted or blocked references

Analysis of 2D tables with indication of the number of sheets, sheet size and view scale

Checking for misalignments between data saved in files and data in PDM/management

Mass update of CAD archive and creation of generic output from CAD files

Developed interface with the possibility of advanced filters and queries

Output results in any format or directly to database tables

Can be integrated with any management software or ERP

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