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SolidWorks Software Solutions

Solidworks PDM software makes integrated project and document management simple, intuitive, and flexible, while reducing the time and cost of your work.

Do you need a software solution that integrates with all Solidworks releases? Want to add new features to Solidworks but don’t know how?
You’re probably looking for a customised Solidworks PDM solution!

Product Data Management (PDM) is the system that enables companies to manage the product development process and associated data. It is now a fundamental tool for the success of every management project.

Skillpower relies on leaders in the PDM/PLM industry to provide you with Solidworks software solutions that reflect your business needs.

The benefits of Solidworks software solutions

Management software is a vital tool for every business, even the smallest one.

The increasing use of management software is also thanks to the numerous benefits it offers.

The primary benefits of our Solidworks management software include:

Ability to add features to Solidworks

Security at every level

Reduction of time and labour costs

Productive and easy-to-use solutions

Full integration with all SolidWorks releases

Countless features to tap into

Our Solidworks software solutions


PDMAdvanced is Skillpower’s software solution that adds several new features to optimise workflow in SolidWorks PDM.

With PDMAdvanced, you have advanced coding capabilities, thanks to which you can classify and archive documents in line with your business rules.

An advanced viewing grid that allows you to view your documents in the vault with a new graphical interface and is also fully integrated into the SolidWorks Task Panel.

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MechWorks PDM

After more than 15 years on the market, MechWorks PDM represents reliability, simplicity, functionality and scalability.

It provides the tools you need for project management, improving the organisation and productivity of the designer, optimising business processes and enabling the management of technical documents created with the main 2D/3D CAD applications.

With MechWorks PDM you have:

DBWorks Enterprise

the best solutions on the market. Ideal for SolidWorks, it provides flexibility and end-user satisfaction. The integrated MechWorks PDM DBWorks provides you with many features such as Programming APIs, Material Wizard, Cutting List Management, and much more.

DBWorks Enterprise

the ultimate solution for every PDM/PLM data management need. DBWorks Enterprise supports sharing and security. The user rights manager provides an advanced level of security and, thanks to the definition of “document classes”, allows for the assignment of specific individual authorisations per user.

MechWorks PDM Standalone Client

DBWorks StandAlone provides non-SolidWorks users with a concise and productive way to access the DBWorks database. Users can then participate in the designing, searching and viewing documents process.

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