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Cutting list management software

Cut quotation times by generating cutting lists in a very short time, using our Skillpower software.

Creating a cutting list can be very demanding, both in terms of time and expertise. Human error is always around the corner and comparisons between distinctions take time away from your business, don’t they?

Our Solidworks cutting list management software services guarantee automatic recognition of sections for profiles and calculation of total quantities (lengths, surfaces, weights, etc.).

So, creating a cutting list becomes quick and easy!

The benefits of BOM management software

Cutting list software generates cutting lists for any solid imported from neutral 3D formats and can automatically recognise the cross-sections of an object.

With Skillpower software, you can manage a job order from start to finish, saving on quotation time.

The main benefits of cutting list software are:

Instant cutting list comparison

Eliminating errors

Faster BOM creation times

Automatic creation of standards

Cut down on quotation times

Export in neutral 3D format

Cost calculations

Our cutting list management software


With CLManager, comparing cutting lists is simple and straightforward. CLManager generates the cutting list for any geometry, imported or parametric, with automatic recognition of sections and sheet metal parameters.

In addition, with our cutting list software, the creation of standards is automatic.

The main features of CLManager are:

Management of the cutting list for any solid imported from neutral 3D formats

Automatic recognition of sections of profiles

Fully customisable profile sections archive

Calculation of the total lengths of the profiles and the minimum overall dimensions for each individual body

Management of sheet metal parameters (overall dimensions, surface area, total length of internal edges, total length of external edges, thickness, etc.)

Indication of all the part’s data (profile, length, overall dimensions, weight, material, quantity, sheet metal parameters, unit cost) on engineering drawings

Creation of A4 or A3 standards for each solid

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