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Software for machining cycle

Create your own customised rules for coding stages and semi-finished products. Save time and resources on processes.

With our cycle software project, you can keep all the information on the machining cycle in the PDM, without having to resort to management licences.

Keep your processes under control at all times!

The benefits of BOM management software

Our software is designed to optimise production planning, management and monitoring activities to enable companies to achieve a number of competitive advantages in the production of finished and semi-finished products.

The main benefits of the processing cycle management software include:

Complete control of all processing cycle information in the PDM

Tree view of the Manufacturing BOM

Tree view of the Manufacturing BOM
Automatic phase and semi-finished coding

Calculation of processing times and costs

Our processing cycle software


PCManager is Skillpower’s solution for managing the business processing cycle. With the PCManager processing cycle software you can create your machining cycle directly in MechWorks PDM.

In addition, you have a tree view manageable via drag and drop with which it is very easy to compose the processing cycle and understand the production sequence of an article.

The main features of PCManager are:

Creation of a machining cycle for a code directly in SolidWorks

Management of internal and external phases (change code YES/NO)

Automatic coding for processing and semi-processing codes

Tree view and Graphics construction using drag and drop

Managed parameters: cost, time, tooling time, code change, unit of measurement, quantity, etc.

Construction rules of the customisable phase cycle

Configurable list of machining processes and related specific descriptions

Possibility of simultaneously editing multiple article part numbers with the same machining cycle in MechWorks PDM

Avoids creating fictitious part numbers in the CAD or PDM

Can be integrated with any management software or ERP

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