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Project Management Software

The goal of every good project manager is to keep the details of their project under control: hours, tasks and deadlines if well managed, it can optimise your business.

Project management software is a tool that greatly simplifies project management, without wasting precious time or resources.

Software project managers are indispensable tools for any company, because in a single digital space, it is possible to organise user activities and view their progress in real time.

So, you can focus on your business!

The benefits of project management software

With Skillpower project management software, you can record, analyse and compare all user activities in real time. It is designed to assist the Project Manager at every stage of the project: creation, development or completion.

The main benefits of project management software include:

Detailed monitoring of user activities

Real-time analysis of job budgets

Automatic control of task entry

Advanced reporting and database analysis

Our project management software


TTManager is a time tracking software that allows projects to be managed, even remotely, in an orderly and organised manner.

Developed by Skillpower TTManager is the ideal time tracking project manager solution to associate calendars with the type of activity (design, quote, site visit, etc.) and current projects/orders.

Simple to use and can be integrated with any management software or ERP.

The main features of TTManager are:

Entering hours related to the type of activity and the specific project

Customised and department-specific calendars and activities

Creating budgets associated with projects

Management of orders and sub-commissions

Instant and background control of project progress

Advanced Cross-Analysis Charts Projects - Tasks - Users

Calculation of labour costs

Automatic creation of task reports in Microsoft Word format

Creating Monthly Reports for Payslips

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