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Production BOM Management Software

The production BOM plays a key role in correctly supplying departments, offering an initial estimate of the cost of a product.

One of the fundamental documents during production is the bill of materials. It shows the list and requirements of the parts needed to manufacture a product (raw materials, components and semi-finished products).

With our BOM management software, you will be able to reduce the costs of warehouse operations. Optimise stock levels by ordering only the right number of items needed to create a product.

No more waste!

Benefits of Bill of Material Management Software

Comparing BOMs manually is a difficult and time-consuming practice. Moreover, it is always subject to human error.

Software for the production bill of materials gives you control over the production process at all times.

You can compile the list of components of each item and calculate the cost of the finished product, while taking into account any processing phases that may characterise the production cycle.

The main advantages of our BOM management software include:

Faster comparison times

Fewer errors

Integration with ERP management systems

Complete control of BOM information from the EBOM

Integrated solutions in MechWorks PDM

Automatic transfer of personal data and BOMs

Our BOM Management Software


BOMatching is the software for 3D BOM comparison and BOM management.

With BOMatching, you can search, compare and realign BOMs between PDM and Management.

The main features of BOMatching are:

Searches for identical lists in the management information system and/or PDM

Compares different code lists.

Updates and synchronises data between the PDM database and the management database.

Maximum integration with Solidworks and Mechworks PDM software

Comparison between the PDM BOM and the Management BOM (child items, quantities, revisions, etc.).

Bidirectional data alignment between PDM and Management Information System

Integrates with any management software

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MBManager is Skillpower’s BOM software for managing and comparing MBOM production bills. A powerful editing environment enables efficient creation of MBOMs from the CAD EBOM.

MBManager is a script-configurable environment and integrates seamlessly with SolidWorks PDM, MechWorks PDM DBWorks and management software.

The main features of MBManger are:

Building the bill using Drag and Drop

Features for manipulating bill of materials nodes

Ability to create new codes directly in the MBOM

Creation of production lists by entering and aggregating codes from the management system or any data source

Entering the machining cycle for CAD codes

Verification of the misalignment between EBOM bill and MBOM manager

Creating the Summarised Bill of Quantities with Scalar Quantities

Verification of the correspondence between the quantities in the CAD list and those undertaken during the creation of the MBOM

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XDManager is the ideal solution for data exchange between PDM and management/ERP. It is an excellent connector between the world of CAD and the world of management. One click is all it takes to transfer all your data and BOMs.

XDManager is an integrated environment with Skillpower BOMatching and MBManger software. It also allowsSolidworks sap integration and Solidworks management integration.

The main features of XDManager are:

Tree view of the BOMs and personal data of each code

Preview of data before switching to management software system

Display of the differences between the personal data recorded in MechWorks PDM and in the management software system


Can be integrated with any management software system using frontier databases in SQL Server

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